Little Miss

18 Dec

Things are going well with the Little Missy. She’s sleeping well and has mellowed out over the past few weeks. Gone are her nighttime fussies…we are so thankful for such a chill and easygoing baby. Her only demise is her car seat, she hates car-rides and she lets us know of her hatred every time we put her in the car seat.

She blows bubbles constantly, smiles non-stop, and has started following us with her eyes as we walk around the room. She falls asleep fairly well and quick, and wakes up once or twice a night. She takes bottles during the day, and that helps cut down on the blow out diapers. She’s still sleeping in her pack and play in our room, but we have started putting her in her crib every so often for naps. I didn’t think it was possible for my love to grow even stronger for her, but somehow each day it does. At two and a half months, we are even more in love with her than the day she was born.

All this love has us talking about having more kids….



One Response to “Little Miss”

  1. newtorontomom December 18, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Such adorable legs!

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